The Australian Pink Floyd ShowThe Australian Pink Floyd Show is a tribute band of the legendary English band Pink Floyd. On their Pink Floyd's Greatest Hits World Tour 2011 they visited Poland and gave 7 concerts there, including one in the capital.

The Warsaw show took place on January 27 2011 on Torwar.

The band's punctuality and the quality of organisation made a very positive impression straightaway - the concert started at 8PM, as scheduled, and the doors to the venue opened 1 1/2 hours earlier, so that nobody would be late and miss the beginning of the show. The packed room gave a warm welcome the most punctual member of the band, who happened to be the keyboardist Jason Sawford.

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)" opened the show, and from the very first note the audience was enthralled by hearing this timeless music live. The concert itself consisted of two parts with a break in between, and it added to the theatrical effect the show already had. In the first part the band played "Welcome To The Machine", "Learning To Fly", "Dogs" and other songs.

The audience was very welcoming and sang along to everything. The saxophone player, Mike Kidson, deserves extra attention - although he only played on a few tracks (including "Money"), he sounded incredible.

There are no words to describe the feelings that his playing has evoked. It was worth coming to this concert only to hear him playing the saxophone.

The concert proceded with the second part after a 20 minute break and it had some 3-D visualisation in it (everyone had been given a pair of 3-D glasses). In this part we heard "Speak To Me", "Money", "One Of These Days", "Wish You Were Here" and other songs. As was expected, the crowd demanded an encore, so the band returned to play "Run Like Hell".

This was a stunning show in all regards and it was really worth seeing - it had 3-D effects in it, as well as 4-D sound, flying animals, laser show, and, of course, most importantly - the legendary hits of Pink Floyd masterfully played live.

Author: Alex de Monte
Translator: Lyubov Kukharenko from Russian version

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The Australian Pink Floyd Show, LIVE in Warsaw: